Posted on Jun 07, 2018


7 June 2018


Dear UUST Members,



Over the last 5 years the Trust has evolved from its humble beginnings into a complex organisation. We have developed as a team and demonstrated good results in our fight against crime and in our ongoing efforts to improve the neighbourhood.

The threat of crime is, as we all know, ever present and we cannot afford to let our guard down for a moment. We must always be vigilant, constructively critical of our efforts, we must evolve and we must be open-minded about new crime fighting tools and technologies that may be available. Further, it is the fiduciary duty of your Trustees to ensure that the businesses of the Trust are carried out in a proper and transparent manner. Another important factor is the long term sustainability of the organisation; how to remove the burden on the Trustees of keeping membership numbers up, of drafting communications, managing the operations and financial affairs of the Trust and so on.

With this in mind and after considerable deliberation, the Trustees believe that we are now at a point where we need to apply some critical introspection and to test our offering in the open market. To do this we are putting the security service out to competitive tender. Obviously the incumbent, ENS, will be on the list of invited applicants and we will then invite bids from alternate security organisations.   In collaboration with experienced consultants, we have put together a comprehensive specification for the tender; that incorporates the strategies and approaches we have learned along the way. This comprehensive document will ensure that the results can be properly compared and adjudicated. Three or four tenders will be shortlisted and these will be presented to you at the AGM for a final presentation from each, followed by election of the most appropriate provider for the period going forward.

Through this process, we hope to achieve the following;

  1. To appoint a security provider through a fair and transparent bidding process.
  2. To appoint a security provider in terms of clear measurables and to be able to manage their performance accordingly.
  3. To allow us to select the security services we desire, against a backdrop of competitive pricing and available budget.
  4. To better inform our members and include them in the decision making process, so that expectations and deliverables are well understood.
  5. To manage the performance of our Security Service provider through an informed consultant and at arm’s length.
  6. To ensure the long term sustainability of the Trust by lessening the load on the Trustees of increasing membership, drafting communications and management of the Trusts operations.
  7. To respond to the ever-present and ever-increasing crime threat, with the latest available technologies and capabilities.


The tender will be put out this Friday, the 8th of June, for return submissions by Friday the 22nd June. We will have our AGM on Thursday the 19th of July after the schools have gone back. At the AGM, The 3 preferred bidders will give a short presentation of their case to the community, followed by our comment, questions, and finally a vote for the most appropriate provider.

Please save the day in your diaries and make every effort to attend the AGM. This is a pivotal time in the Trusts journey and we would like you to all be a part of the decision making that affects our future.

We will be providing ongoing communications during the process; to update you and keep you informed.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your community


Yours sincerely

The UUST Trustees